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Some of the following links are my affiliate, meaning I may get a portion of the sale. Feel free to contact me with any questions! ~Tammy

Silver Nursing Cups

Silver Nursing Cups

If you're looking to soothe your passing soreness while nursing, you’ll love these pewter nursing cups from beautycarebag. Not only are they adjustable to the size that fits you best, the silver material is anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and give you the relief you need. Whether you're just starting or you’ve been nursing for a while, take your healing routine up a notch with these silver nursing cups.

NATURAL AS BREASTFEEDING - SILVER NURSE are small nursing cups made out of 925 silver to help protect the nipples while breastfeeding. These cups are essential for anyone who is having problems with painful nipples or want to use them as a precautionary measure. HANDCRAFTED - SILVER NURSE nursing cups are Handmade and crafted in England. MAGICAL HELPER - SILVER NURSE Widely used for; cracks, sores, and blisters goes away within days and sometimes hours. PURE SILVER - SILVER NURSE does not contain any NICKEL. EASY TO USE - SILVER NURSE nursing cups are very easy to use and clean. They do NOT diminish over time.

Zip Onsies

Babies are startled because they wake up and can't feel their edges like they could in the womb. The Zipadee-Zip provides those "edges" or womb-like environment while providing them the freedom to roll and use their arms and hands safely.


Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis is a complete childbirth class that teaches everything from stages of labor, nutrition, birth partner support and more!

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